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Welcome to West Michigan Grinding & Machine

Precision CNC Machining, Turning & Milling Job Shop in West Michigan

West Michigan Grinding & Machine is in the business of helping our customers by providing solutions with highly complex, tight tolerance machining of any type of material. 

Your single source precision machining and grinding supplier:

Reduce time spent seeking vendors to perform machining or grinding operations on various materials.  We have the ability to machine and grind a great variety of materials, including ferrous, non-ferrous, plastics, ceramics, and hardened materials.  Few competitors are willing to work with as many materials as we do. 

With complete tooling, machining and grinding services under one roof, we are able to reduce lead-time by performing most operations in house.  Our large supplier network provides us the capability to deliver the highest quality products in our area of specialty.

The First and Only Precision Machining company to offer the
Program Optimization Survey™:

The Program Optimization Survey™ includes initial interview regarding full use of product from receipt to shipment. Many interviews result in process change recommendations. This Assures optimized delivered product which will flow seamlessly throughout your production and shipping.

Fastest possible response time in the industry:

We offer quick response time to all inquiries, quote requests, job status, production changes. Immediate response to all inquiries assures optimum lead-time from project inception to delivery.

Not Just Another Machine Shop:

West Michigan Grinding and Machine specializes and is committed to providing the highest quality machined components.

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